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Accidentally Vegan: Depression Era Baking

  When times were tough and things like butter and eggs were hard to come by, kitchen innovation was a must! What luck for us that tough times have made for some accidentally vegan, absolutely tasty recipes for future generation to enjoy. This is my go to vegan chocolate cake recipe. I use no other […]

Food Should Taste Good…and it does!!

Do you miss wheat thins? I know I do and as a sufferer of the dreaded food allergies, I would like to just say these have been my snack savior. In fact, if it weren’t for these and popcorn…I might never get to snack again and let’s face it…that would be horrible. Soy Free, Gluten […]

Ode’ to Elvis

Bananas Say Whaaaat? Chocolate Say Whaaaaat? Almond Butter…say…what? Sweet thing…boredom how I like to bake you. This is an adaptation from PPK of their banana chocolate marble bread. Made as usual in my weird brownie/bar pan because sometimes I just don’t feel like makin’ muffins. 1 mashed banana mixed with almond butter to equal 1 […]

Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Sometimes I make frosting before I decide what I want to bake. So tonight I put some confectioner’s sugar in a bowl and then melted some vegan butter and then added some agave nectar to make the most sweet and delicious yumminess ever. But then I couldn’t decide what to bake… Since I’ve been dying […]

Farticorn Bars (a.k.a. vegan pumpkin muffin bars)

There’s a party in my tummy so yummy so yummy. (arrrrrghhh…skippy skip skip skip skip…Yo Gabba Gabba…brain broken) So, you may have heard about this nasty little thing called a Hurricane that recently strolled through the Garden State. My preferred name after Sandy’s wrath is Hurti-cane, but she also was referred to as Farti-corn after my […]