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I’m one of those unfortunate folks who made the decision to stop eating gluten before I was tested for Celiac disease. This is unfortunate because I exhibited some of the classic symptoms of the disease for a long time without realizing what they related to. Knowing what I know now I would advise anyone with […]

Gluten Challenge Complete!!

Well folks, my gluten challenge has finally come to a close. I had intended to write some more updates along the way but time just didn’t seem to allow it. And by “time” I mean “toddler” haha… Yesterday morning I had my blood drawn by a wonderfully dutiful woman who poked and prodded gleefully, certain […]

The Great Gluten Challenge

In most recent news and musings, a few months back I learned that I am not allergic to wheat, oats, or buckwheat but I did test allergic to gluten. A gluten allergy in absence of the other known causes is often an indicator of Celiacs disease. However since I eliminated gluten long ago, any further […]

Endoscopy~What to expect when you’re not expecting…a breathing tube.

This past week I had to undergo an upper endoscopy. This was scheduled after finding a doctor who seems hopeful in diagnosing the weirdness that has become my immune system. I spent a week wondering about the procedure before hand, reading everything I could to prepare for the inevitable brain fog light sedation would bring. […]