Allergic Living Resources

Here is a list of sites that have proven very helpful for me in my food allergy journey!

Food Blogs:

Minimalist Baker ~ Recipes are simple and easy to adapt to your specific needs. Always tasty, always easy, and never a dud among the bunch.

Chocolate Covered Katie ~ Amazing recipes always easy to adapt to you needs and best of all perfect to fix your sweet tooth cravings.

Taste of Home ~ Recipes are proven and convert well to gluten free. I find a lot of my baking recipes here, although some are tough to veganize, I haven’t tried one yet that hasn’t come out well with gluten free flour.

Allergic Living Resources:

FARE Food Allergy Research and Education ~ This site is so well put together, I frequent it anytime I’m up to something new (like going away for work) or to learn the latest news on allergy issues.

Medicalert Bracelets ~ I’ve been lectured a few times now for not having one of these. And while I still need to get one, having a medicalert means life or death when it comes to paramedics and other people knowing what is potentially happening to you.


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